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Are you ready to thrive in a digital world?

We are entering a new digital area. A world that puts unique customer experiences at the center, and allows you to boost your business as never before. Anyone can hear the sound of the ever accelerating digital train. Many organizations understand they need to transform to thrive in a digital world. So do you. But how?

Change? Charge the Six Batteries!

30-53 % of all change initiatives fail. Some are too expensive, many take too long. Some fail to deliver the anticipated benefits, others struggle to sustain the desired performance. Some initiatives are considered a success by management, but are experienced as a disaster by employees.

If you want to achieve maximum change effectiveness and increase change acceptance in your company, you need to boost change energy in your organization. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this. Through a holistic assessment of your energy profile, conversion partners helps you to identify the elements within the six Batteries of Change that will make a difference in your organization. All your batteries need to be fully charged to support your digital transformation process.

Strategy@2X | Conversion Partners

Clear strategic direction

Companies with a fully-charged strategy battery know how and where to make a difference. They first work on a clear business and customer experience strategy. Then they define the implications for sales, marketing, operations, HR and so on. Not the other way around.

We safeguard the interests of the customer to make sure your strategy thrives through customer focus. We combine exploration and synthesis, as well as analysis and insight, to enable strategic decisions that provide a clear direction for the entire organization.

Deliverables: Business Analysis / User Research / Business strategy / Customer Experience strategy / Strategic digital direction / Service Design / Customer Journey mapping / Empathy map

Management@2X | Conversion Partners

Powerful management infrastructure

Any discussion of organizational change needs to pay attention to the role of the company’s structures, systems and processes that help managing the business. Changing the systems and structures that undermine the change vision is a crucial step in every change process.

A changing organization needs clear objectives and priorities that assure a balance between running the business and building the business. We look for the critical capabilities and structures you need, define the gaps and help you to become more effective in translating your strategy into action.

Deliverables: Digital Transformation Process / Organisation Development / Organisation Design and Structures / Critical Role Definitions / Capability Assessment (skills and behaviours) / Communication Effectiveness / Strategy into Action / Execution Excellence / Agile Manifesto monitor / Agile coaching

Implementation@2X | Conversion Partners

Action, planning and implementation

In many companies change is characterized by a set of interventions of experts that chase local success stories.  This type of change is often isolated and anecdotal, rather than connected and systemic. Sustainable change, however, builds on the mobilization of energized self-managing teams that experience change and improvement as trivial to contribute to the success of the overall business.

Our journey doesn’t stop after strategy and plan. We deliver results build equally important, we build and coach transversal teams. We build bridges between Business and IT that assure the full implementation of your digital strategy in an efficient and effective way.

Deliverables: Transversal Customer Experience Teamwork / UX Project Management / Scrum Mastering / Product Owning / UX/UI design / UX/Concept Design / Information Architecture / UI/Visual Design / Product Design / Performance Assessment / Business Case Creation / KPI reporting / Execution Excellence monitoring / Agile Manifesto Monitor / Agile coaching

Topteam@2X | Conversion Partners

Ambitious and aligned top team

An ambitious team at the top of the organization is one of the greatest assets when transforming an organization. A top team is the primary generator of energy for change. When the top team operates as a dysfunctional team, much of that energy gets wasted in politicking and counterproductive fights in the executive room.

A Team Top brings purpose and meaning to the table. When top executives are unable to formulate a shared and inspiring change vision, it will be difficult to motivate the troops to change course and to encourage them to go the extra mile. We mobilize the top team, from the start to finish. We coach them to become the change they want to see.

Deliverables: Leadership Development / High Potential Talent Indicators / Leadership Coaching / Top Team Development / Mission and Vision Definition / Change Aspiration / Change Architecture Design / Change Sponsor

Culture@2X | Conversion Partners

Healthy culture

Successful change is highly contextual. As such, culture – ‘how we do things around here’ - deserves a prominent place in every change program. Critical elements of a change friendly culture include trust and transparency, collaboration between departments and across the hierarchy, openness towards new ideas, etc.

A healthy culture amplifies the energy of the rest of the organization. A toxic culture can reduce all generated energy to zero. Therefore, we believe it is vital to first understand your culture when thinking about change.  Our culture assessment tools help you to gather understanding of your culture so that we can work with you to leverage your “bright spots” to provide drive and cohesion for your change program.

Deliverables: Culture Value Assessment / Differentiation through Values / Cultural Capital / Cross Cultural Collaboration / Learning Organization / Change Drivers / Change Agents Development

Employees@2X | Conversion Partners

Strong connection with employees

Any successful organizational change implies change at a personal level. Too often, employees resist change because they are individually unable or unwilling to change. Sustainable change seeks acceptance, support and commitment from your employees. It guides them to let go of old behaviours and to learn new ones.

This individual transition can be unpleasant, sometimes even painful. Empathy and connectivity are key. We listen to your employees, map out their needs and journeys, and facilitate the interconnectivity that will help to fully commit to the change.

Deliverables: Employee Experience strategy / Internal Communication Strategy / Employee Journey Mapping / Employer Brand Design / Personal Development / Team Building / Personal Coaching / Change Champion Development

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Boers, De Prins, Letens & Verweire (2015) tested and proven by Vlerick Business School  and Tchi change & innovation center

Change by design, not by chance.

Once you know what to adapt, you need to know how. Our approach, based on the Double Diamond model of Human Centered Design Thinking, helps you first, to define the brilliant problem for your organization, and second, to come up with a solution that fits your organization. This way we set you up for digital while charging all your change batteries.

Test | Conversion Partners


Before thinking about solutions, it’s important to know what you’re talking about. To get to know the field, we investigate the ecosystem, the competitors and the business. We talk to users, clients or experts to get a good feeling of their perceptions, habits and pains.


Once we know what is important, we consolidate all this information into one clear statement. We highlight the pains and the gains first and then, we prioritise. Result is a clear one-liner to ensure the entire team looks in the same direction.

Problem statement

The second phase, the consolidation of all information, results into one clear problem statement. It is crucial to define the problem first, before looking for solutions


Once the problem is stated, we need as many ideas as possible about how to solve it. We facilitate workshops using ideation techniques. This way, the project teams come up with both improvements and more out-of-the-box-solutions. The result is a roadmap with clearly defined MVP’s to help your clients as well as your business.


When the thinking is done, we need to start doing. In the delivery phase the defined MVP’s get developed and implemented into the organisation. We make sure your teams have all they need to make it happen and provide coaching where needed.

People make digital transformation happen

To implement the change tracks that you need, we have a network of experienced partners, who guarantee the quality of all our projects. We typically create multi-disciplinary teams that work closely with your internal project teams and are continuously coached by our partners. Together, we focus on a solution to your challenge, while building trust relationships  that allow you to change the mindset of your organization.

Peter De Prins | Conversion Partners

Peter De Prins

Peter is all about sharing knowledge and insights. As a professor, author and change expert, he shows to executives, students and many others what it is to transform a business. Being a certified expert at Vlerick School of Management, Peter teaches about change management, leadership and coaching. He co-created ‘the six batteries of change’. A model that measures company culture and change energy. Furthermore, he is the author of different management books and has multiple publications in renowned magazines. Begin a charismatic speaker, he inspired people all over the world. In short, someone ready to inspire leaders and make employees act.

Joost Landsheere | Conversion Partners

Joost Landsheere

Joost is a very empathic and strategic mind with an impressive track record in business strategy and UX design. During his career, he led multiple strategic projects for companies like BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC and the federal police on management level. Joost is always simplifying issues and challenging the root causes of a problem. He shares his business insights and practical experience as a teacher and start-up coach and by working as a service designer.

Thijs Degheldere | Conversion Partners

Thijs Degheldere

Thijs is a passionate product designer coming from the branding world. He founded his company Brands & Stories to bring his empathy, technical knowledge and hands-on approach to his clients. He gained experience in branding and UX/UI design, working for clients such as Belfius, the European commission and Media Markt. Thijs questions everything he sees and coaches others to do the same. As a teacher as well as a do-er, Thijs combines a mix of soft and hard skills that are just incredibly pleasant to work with.

Heidi Theys | Conversion Partners

Heidi Theys

Working all-over Europe, Heidi got to know different markets and companies. Her national and international experiences led her through the domains of marketing, sales, leadership and organization design. Afterwards, she worked her own way into the CX-field. Today, she leads a team of CX/UX-experts to help projects and business succeed. Heidi does nothing without a smile and has a real let’s-go-for-it attitude.

Lisa Riti | Conversion Partners

Lisa Riti

Lisa is a fresh asset to the UX-field and put her mark on projects thanks to her communication skills, analytical thinking and market knowledge. She got to know her passion for UX and service design via a management traineeship, where she developed herself in many different ways. Lisa is a real people-person with a can-do approach. She sees problems as opportunities and is not afraid to question what she sees.

Geert 2 | Conversion Partners

Geert Letens

Geert Letens is an internationally recognized author and speaker on Organization Development and Change. He is a co-author of the book “Six batteries of change” and supports transformations as an organizational energy coach and change architect. He teaches at the Royal Military Academy and guest-lectures at various international universities and business schools. He is a research fellow of Vlerick Business School and a visiting research professor at Virginia Tech. Geert is passionate about bringing change to technology-driven organizations. He served as the president of the Society of Engineering and Management Systems and as the president of the American Society for Engineering Management.

Make the transformation sustainable

Digital transformation is not a one-shot project, but should become a sustainable model. Conversion partners provides you three key ingredients to guide you from project-based change, through the right resources to a transformed digital organization.

How | Conversion Partners

A sustainable model

Step 1: We begin on a project-base to get the transformation started and deliver first successes. To define where to start we use the Batteries of Change.


Step 2: People make the change happen, so you need the right profiles in your organization. We help you define the skill-set you need and provide you with the right people via Conversion talent.


Step 3: To make your change sustainable you need an organizational structure and model that integrates change facilitators in multiple ways. We help you to define that personalised model and to implement it. 

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